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As I researched bed wetting, bed wetting products and bed wetting solutions, I found a homeopathic medication that provided symptomatic relief of bed wetting in children called Hyland's Bed wetting Tablets.

From my research, I had learn that one of the last treatment options for Bed Wetting was bed wetting medication. I had found three different types of medications used in treatment of bed wetting - all of these were available by prescription.

Then, I found Hyland's Bedwetting Tablets - which are considered to be Homeopathic Medication for Bed Wetting and are available over the counter. I had heard of Homeopathic Medications, but did not know a lot about them.

So, I did some research on them before we started carrying them. If you have used these, please provide your fellow parents with feedback and information on what your experience has been with Homeopathic Medication.

What Is Homeopathy?
Homeopathy is a natural approach to medicine that works without contraindications (interference with other medications you may be taking) or side effects to stimulate the body's curative responses so the body heals itself.

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How do you take Hyland's Homeopathic medicines?
Homeopathic medicines should be placed under the tongue of adults and children or in the cheek of an infant where they will dissolve. It is preferable that there be nothing in the mouth to eat or drink 15 minutes before or after taking homeopathic medicines.

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Are Homeopathic Medications Regulated?
Yes! Homeopathic Medicines are fully regulated as drugs by the FDA. All homeopathic medicines are "governed" by the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States.

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Are Homeopathic Medications Herbal Products?
No, Homeopathic Medications are not herbs, which use a larger quantity of plant material per dose. Homeopathic medicines use a minute dose of plant or mineral substance to address symptoms. Unlike herbal supplements which are regulated as foods, the FDA accepts homeopathic products as drugs. As drugs, homeopathic products must be manufactured in compliance with the FDA finished pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) regulations for cleanliness, quality and testing.

All Hyland's manufacturing facilities are inspected by the FDA.

Hyland's Web site provides a lot more information on this whole subject and has a whole FAQ section on Homeopathy, on their products and they also provide links and resources for more information on Homeopathy.

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